“Thoroughly Immersed in your Health and Wellness”

Important Announcement: The Health Hut is not scheduling massage appointments at this time due to Covid-19. Thank You and Stay Safe Everyone!

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second major cannabinoid found in cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana. Unlike the other major cannabinoid THC, CBD is non-psychoactive.

essential oils

Essential Oil

These oils are extracted from the plants by the process of distillation, which is done by water or steam from the bark, flowers, stems, leaves, and roots of the plant.


Massage therapy is one of the oldest healthcare practices known. References to massage are found in ancient African societies, and Chinese medical texts written more than 4,000 years ago.

Our Approach

The Health Hut Wellness Center’s approach is to research, educate, and promote natural and organic complementary health care information, products, and modalities. Our aim is to collaborate with other healthcare organizations to promote healthy lifestyles. Our mission is a holistic approach to healthy life.

Our Community

We live and work in this community so we are dedicated to seeing it thrive. The Health Hut Wellness Center is community-service oriented that embraces the opportunity to collaborate with the other health care organizations, and wellness centers to promote positive health.

The Quality Promise

Here at the Health Hut, we aim to make every experience a great one all the way down to our products. From the CBD & Essential oils to the handmade Whipped Shea Butter; we research and make sure every product is up to our standards before placing it onto our shelves.

Our Progress

Right now, The Health Hut Wellness Center’s physical location is under construction. Stay tuned to see photos from our ‘Progress Gallery’ and how we are taking in every consideration to not only make the Health Hut a destination spot but a place where elegance dwells. While you wait, be sure to check out our products right here on the website!